Hello lovlies, we are LDN colour!

What is our mission?

To put it simply, we’re aiming to make exciting, innovative and original products available to everyone. We speacialise in limited edition vegan and cruelty free beauty, skincare & nail products.

Who are we?

We are a London-based team of creatives that come together to bring you exciting and innovative designs, kits and accessories. Our backgrounds include freelance nail technicians, graphic designers and eccommerce experts. Using these combined skills and expertise, as well as plenty of passion and perseverance we created some great products for you. We are super excited for LDN Colour, and can’t wait for it to add some extra colour and personality to your everyday life!

Part 2 - To be continued...

We will continue to roll out products that provide the tools and information to fuel your newfound ambitions to add colour and confidence to your everyday routines.