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UK P&P: FREE - We aim to dispatch for next working day but for delivery please allow 3-6 full working days to avoid disappointment.

European shipping is £5 – please allow 5 - 8 full working days

Elsewhere in the world (Zones 1 & Zone 2) is £6 – please allow 10 full working days

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How quickly will you post my order?

All orders received will be dispatched out the next working day.

International Warehouse

We are an international business with warehouses across the globe. As a result items categorised "International Warehouse" will take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive at the shipping destination.

Personalised Items 

We want to ensure we get your personalised item just right. Each item is made to order, as a result items categorised "Personalised Items" will take 3 - 5 business days after fullfilment to arrive at the shipping destination.

Do your personalised cases come in any other colour?
We do make special allowance for different colours if you contact us with the colour code.

What makes LDN Colour Gel Polish different from ordinary nail polish?

LDN Colour One Step Gel means ZERO DRY TIME after curing for just 30 seconds. Gone are the days of finger-prints and scuffs or waking up with duvet print on your nails because you’ve painted them too soon before going to bed. LDN Colour One Step is even better because it eliminates the need for basecoat and topcoat therefore cutting down the application time by half. This is what’s needed especially when getting ready for to go and meet friends or just before night out. LDN Colour One Step is the perfect polish for impatient people!

What should I do before using my Gel Polish?

You should create a blank canvas for your colour by prepping your nails by filing them to a nice shape and getting rid of any excess cuticle using the LDN Colour rainbow tool. Get rid of any dust and debris using an antibacterial wipe or a cotton pad dipped in acetone or nail polish remover. Roll the bottle of Gel Polish between your hands to ensure the contents is evenly mixed, especially if the bottle has been stationary for a long time. This will ensure a more even application.

How many layers do I need for the best finish?

We advise that you go with your own personal preference and adapt the number of layers based on the shade you are using. Some colours will cover your nails in one coat, but some may require 2 coats depending on the depth of colour you are aiming for.

What’s the best way to cure my nails if I can’t fit my whole hand under the lamp?

Apply the LDN Colour Gel Polish to your thumbs first and then cure them under the lamp together for the recommended time. Apply our Gel Polish to the rest of one hand and cure, and then repeat this for the remaining hand.

How do I remove my LDN Colour One Step Gel Polish?

We provide gel polish remover wraps that are purchased from our site:

Each of the gel polish removal wraps we have sourced escpecially for you contain acetone soaked pads that mean you can quickly wrap them round your old nails and quickly get rid of them without having to apply them yourself.

1. Simply prep your nails by buffering the top of the nail with your nail file and removing the shine.

2. Tear the wrap provided, insert the finger that requires the gel to be removed and wrap the packet around the finger.

3. Repeat this on all fingers that require the gel polish to be removed.

4. Leave the wraps on for 10-15 minutes. By then the gel polish should slip right off. Use your cuticle pusher where there are any stubborn parts.

Alternativelty, if you have purchased our kit elsewhere start by buffing away the shine on the surface off your nails. Next get some cotton balls and soak them in acetone, place these on top of your fingernails and then wrap the whole finger in kitchen foil. Follow these steps on all fingers on both hands and then leave them on your fingers for approximately 15 minutes. Once the time is up remove the foil and if any Gel Polish is remaining use the LDN Colour cuticle pusher to get rid of the last bits that may still be in place.

DO NOT be tempted to pick or peel of your Gel Polish as this can damage the surface of your nails.

What’s the difference between LDN Colour LED Lamps and normal UV lamps?

Our LED lamps use the most recent technology that are more efficient and reduce the time required to cure your Gel Polish. They don’t produce heat and there are no light bulbs that need to be replaced.

Will LDN Colour Gel Polish harm my nails?

No, our products do not harm your nails. This can only happen if you do not remove the Gel Polish correctly or if you excessively buff your nails. Do not use the file provided in this kit to buff the surface of natural nails.

How should I store my Gel Polish? What safety information should I know?

Your Gel Polish and kit should be stored at room temperature. Remember, the Sun’s UV rays will affect your Gel Polish so it is best to use the kit inside using an artificial light source.

Further Safety information:

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not look directly into the LED light.

For external use only.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

In the event of the gel polish being swallowed or making contact with the eyes, seek medical advise immediately referencing the details on the bottle. Rinse eyes with sufficient water.

Ensure you use a mat or towel in order to protect surfaces.

Where can I buy LDN Colour Gel Polish and Gel Polish Kits? - Currently online at www.LdnColour.com. We hope to make our products available to a select range of stockists soon.


What is our subscription service all about?

LDN colour subscription is your new way of introducing yourself or loved ones to gel nails in a quick and convenient way, without compromising on quality. We send out your first subscription as possible after you make your order in line with our delivery guidelines.

What do I get in my subscriptions?

Month 1: LDN colour Gel Nail Kit

Each kit includes: LDN Colour LED nail dryer, a nail file, a rainbow cuticle pusher, LDN Colour One Step Gel Nail Polish 10ml of your choice and a USB cable to connect your lamp to a power source.

Following MonthsAt least one Gel Polish, nail and pampering essentials that may be chrome powders, nail art decorations, mani tapes, glitters, stencils, cuticle oils, brushes, face masks.

We also try to include tutorials and information on where to learn how to get creative.

How do I choose or sign up?

Too choose what you want, you head over to the range of subscriptions and 1) Choose the right subscription for you and follow our easy sign up process 2) Enjoy the amazing products that we send you. 3) Give us some feedback on the different products, we always love hearing from our fans.            

Can I choose what colours I get after the first subscription order?

Of course, if there are colours you don't want, let us know within 24hrs of making payment and we will make amendments to your order. Or you could make a note on your order letting us know the detail.  

I have ordered my subscription, when will it arrive?

We aim to dispatch your first box as soon as possible and in line with our delivery guidelines.  Following boxes will arrive on the same day the following month.

So when do I pay for it?

Your initial payment will be taken as soon as you sign up and choose your subscription. You will then be billed for the next month’s subscription on the 1st, as this is the time that we begin processing next month’s subscriptions.