Summer vibes nail art sticker decals

Summer vibes nail art sticker decals

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Want to add that extra little something to your mani/pedis, these premium nail art stickers decals will completely up your nail game.
Even better, these nail art stickers are super useful and can be used with gel nail polish or standard nail varnish.
With a range of images included in each sheet you can pick the arty creation to suite your mood and help you feel extra cute. 
You can try one sticker for an accent nail and that touch of creativity. If you are feeling more adventerous with your nails use multiple stickers.
Check out our images for some of the creations our customers have made.
Each pack contains one sheet. Free delivery on UK orders.

How To Use:   
1. Prepare your nails with a gel polish and cure under a LED light for 30 seconds until set
2. Select a design and peel it off with tweezers
3. Place the sticker on the nail and rub it in gently several times
4. Apply a thin coat of our monument gold or polo pink and cure for 30 seconds

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