Why everyone should have a gel polish pedicure 

Gel polish is more popular than ever, and the great news is it can be used on toenails too. Here’s why everyone needs a gel polish pedicure.

Gel polish dries quickly. A significant benefit of LDN Colour gel polish is its quick-drying nature. Unlike traditional polish that takes up to three hours to set, gel polish is cured and dried by LED light, and hardens instantly. No smudging or wafting your feet - you can pop your socks and shoes on straight away.


pedicure gel nails


Gel pedicures last a long time - even longer than normal polish. Normal nail polish on toenails only lasts around two weeks, and that’s only if you take great care and apply a regular top coat for protection. A gel pedicure can last up to six weeks, and there’s no need to apply a top coat.

Glossy toenails Gel pedicures produce a shiny, glossy finish that’s just perfect for beach outings, or merely showing off your toes in sandals.LDN Colour gel polish  is glossy and has a range of colours. el polish on toenails always look shiny, vibrant and freshly-painted.

Nails appear healthy, elegant, and ultra-glossy. They also have a much stronger look, and, because gel polish does not chip, they look perfect too, and suit any occasion.

Added protection

When you have an LDN Colour gel polish pedicure, you are also protecting your nails as it creates a strong, hard protective layer that helps strengthen your toenails from all those knocks and abrasions. Gel pedicures really do produce nice-looking, healthy nails.