Tips to prevent split nails

At LDN Colour plit nails are a common plague for our customers. This can make gel nails tricky to apply. Here’s how you can ensure your nails remain in peak condition throughout the year.

Why nails split

Nails crack and split simply because they’re dry. Over-exposure to water can weaken the keratin bond that holds the top layers of the nails together, leading to brittleness and cracking.

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Preventing splitting and cracking

To prevent these, it’s crucial that your clients moisturise their nails. Encourage your clients to rub moisturiser or hand lotion in both mornings and evenings, and after washing hands. Products with protein, collagen and keratin are suitable for rehydrating and strengthening, and those with extra lanolin or petroleum jelly help too. A very helpful mineral for strengthening fingernails is biotin. This is found in vegetables, such as cauliflower and can also be taken orally. Do ensure your clients wear protective gloves when washing dishes or cleaning, as cleaning products can accelerate the drying of both nails and skin. If a client’s nails habitually split, advise keeping them short. Badly-splitting nails can be sneakily hidden with a lovely set of gel nails - which is a good reason to look into investing in some good quality gel polishes.

Nail and cuticle health

Strong nails derive from healthy cuticles. If your client bites or cuts their cuticles, dissuade them from doing it. Damaged cuticles are vulnerable to bacteria, that can infiltrate the nail bed, potentially creating an infection and loss of the nail.

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In conclusion

Split nails are ugly and complicate the application of gel nails and manicures of natural nails. If you spot a potential problem with splitting or cracking, always help the client and advise how to prevent these.