Mismatched gel nails take Instagram by storm!

The creators of LDN Colour were bombarded with quotes and clichés telling us that we should just be ourselves when growing up. As children, that idea tended to go right over our heads - fitting in with others appeared the best way to be happy. However, as we grow older, the idea gradually develops into something unique - embrace your own unique style   have a view that  reflects your genuine thoughts and feelings. This principle is very relevant for beauty trends too.

ldn colour gel nail polish kit

Rebels without a cause!

Nowadays, your haircut, your lipstick and the way you rock your clothes all amount to a kind of rebellion. Some beauty choices are more daring than others, but the beauty industry is primed to help you both stand out from the crowd and make a statement. One of the subtler trends for you to revel in your unique style and still retain a chic look is - mismatched gel nails.

There is no and has never been a written rule that one should have matching nail polish, but it has always been the norm. So, why not join the Instagram trend and say, “to hell with the status quo”? Mismatched nail polish is ubiquitous, the new normal - choose from alternating colours on each finger to multi-colour nail art - it's cool, chic and progressive.

ldn colour mismatched gel nails

Why not combine mismatched nails with muted colours to rebel against stronger, more electric shades.

Try a selection of earth tones for warmth and richness in time for winter.

If minimalism suits you, keep the colours mismatched but combine it with the negative space trend.

Here’s a few more ideas to tickle your fancy:

  • Try a full 10-finger rainbow for a bold and daring look.
  • A range of different shades in gel nails can go down nicely.
  • If you don’t have a favourite colour today, simply use them all - who cares if they match or not!?
  • Take French tips to a whole new level with neon shades.
  • Instagram is an excellent source for beauty tips. The trend has been catching on there. People want to buck the trend and alter perceptions: mismatched nails are a great way to do it.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun and own it! That is the best way to feel amazing about gel nail polish you apply. Feel free to check out the Gel Nail Kit's we provide if you are just getting started with gel nails.